5 Things That Will Put a Pep in Your Step!

  • Women in Leadership Conference: Across the Generations – Sat. April 28, 2018, at the University of Ottawa, Lamoureux Hall, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Look for the information flyer and how to register in this month’s edition. We hope you can join us! For more information, email cheryl@justsaying.today.
  • Carol Jackson’s reflective article, From Behind the Picket Fence, causes us to think about the age-old question, “Is the grass always greener on the other side?”
  • In the Lifestyle section, you will find Devon Cornelius’ piece entitled, I Can Choose to Get Started Again. Devon’s honest and transparent words wrestles with the subject of what are we doing with our time?
  • Lauren Carson, our food expert, is back after suffering some losses, of which one was just recently the death of her beloved mother. Lauren’s article, Lost and Found, is a somber reflection that points us in the direction of finding peace, joy and hope in the midst of loss.
  • Jocelyne Lafrenière’s wise words found in the business section, Create Your Vision of Success, encourages all of us that now is the time to be confident and say, “I am ready to craft my action plan and manifest my desires.”

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