5 Reasons Why Hope is Vital to Living A Healthy Life

Hope as defined by scientists, is an individual’s goal-oriented expectations that include both agency (desire to achieve goals) and pathways (finding ways to achieve them). Having hope is to imagine a positive outcome. Discover five reasons as to why hope is so vital for all of us, so that we can live healthier, happier lives.

1. Hope protects the brain against anxiety. Scientists consider hope as a stable personality trait and therefore they believe that hope might potentially reside within the brain, thus shielding it from the effects of anxiety. Less anxiety can increase your emotional and physical well-being as you will be able to sleep better, thus increasing your ability to concentrate.



2. Having greater hope reduces depression. Medical science has proven that possessing a happier outlook on life reduces the chance of contracting diseases and becoming ill.



3. Hope creates a positive mood about an expectation or a goal. This positive outlook influences a person’s state of mind for the better, and it alters how one views himself/herself.



4. Hope produces better problem-solving abilities in people and greater flexibility to explore novel situations, thus increasing more life-opportunities.



5. If we have better problem-solving abilities as a result of hope, then our brains are open to work on a problem in a non-conscious way that can lead to bursts of insight. Most things that people do are unconsciously processed, and so even when we are asleep our brains are working towards our goals.


I am praying for hope to come alive in you! Keep positive and keep believing!