5 Reads – November Picks

In the Middle of the Mess: Strength for this Beautiful Broken Life

By Sheila Walsh

I so enjoy reading Sheila Walsh’s books! Sheila is both an authentic writer and speaker. I know you will not be disappointed with her latest book on how we can turn our struggles into strengths. Sheila displays her gifted writing abilities as she provides for us practical methods to use in the midst of any struggle that we may be facing. Sheila encourages us to develop a close relationship with God by daily connecting with him and meditating on his word. It is through this close connected relationship, that Sheila teaches us how to experience joy, through the knowledge of knowing that we are fully loved and accepted by God. In the Middle of a Mess, is available as of November 7th, 2017. A must read!

You can purchase this book at: www.indigo.ca or www.amazon.com


Dancing with Destiny

By Chad Fisher

Chad Fisher’s book was featured in last month’s picks, however, in celebration of the birth of his third child, Just Saying is once again highlighting this awe inspiring book. Author Chad Fisher challenges us to a new view of Christ on the cross. Chad discusses how Jesus beckons all of us like a prince stretching out His hand asking, “May I have this dance?” When we take Jesus’ hand, accepting the dance, that’s our first moment of fully experiencing Jesus, in all of His power and majesty. Found written on the pages of this book is the chronicled life of Moses. The author uses key stories from Moses’ life to help us understand the importance of our moments; and how they lead us into our destiny. I encourage you to accept the invitation to Dance with Destiny. Chad Fisher helps you to better understand that your history is a series of past circumstances, often complex, shaping and defining you as an individual. Our moments with God lead us into our destiny. One moment leads to the next. It’s like a dance. This is definitely a book you won’t want to put down!

Author Chad Fisher writes for Just Saying! You can read his articles in the monthly edition of the magazine.

You can purchase this book at: www.indigo.ca or www.amazon.com


Every Day Remembrance Day: A Chronicle of Jewish Martyrdom

By Simon Wiesenthal

In a compelling, richly researched book, Simon Wiesenthal chronicles Jewish history. His book serves to remind readers of how easily prejudice descends into forms of aggression. Every day Remembrance Day establishes the importance of Jewish history and its pivotal effects on the worlds of both past and present. From January 1st through December 31st, Wiesenthal’s book documents, for each day of the year, events from throughout Jewish history. This book also displays a number of black-and-white photographs to help the reader connect more fully with these prominent historical events.

You can purchase this book at: www.indigo.ca or www.amazon.com


Your Guide to the Apocalypse: What You Should Know Before the World Comes to an End

By Matt Hagee

In Pastor Matt Hagee’s book Your Guide To The Apocalypse, he highlights for readers how governments, technology, and world events are ushering in what he describes as the terminal generation. Hagee uses scripture as the ultimate authority, and answers questions such as:

  • Is the changing world economy preparing the way for the Antichrist?
  • Why do the price of oil, identity theft, and the world’s obsession with the environment point to the end times?
  • How is the mistreatment of Israel connected to the coming apocalypse?
  • When will weapons of mass destruction be unleashed in the final conflict?
  • In what ways can believers share the truth of God’s Word before it’s too late?

Through the answers to these questions and more, you’ll gain a greater understanding of God’s ultimate plan for humanity and His divine purpose for your life! A thrilling account that everyone should read!

You can purchase this book at: www.indigo.ca or www.amazon.com


A Life Beyond Amazing: 9 Decisions That Will Transform Your Life Today

By Dr. David Jeremiah

This book is a must read! I could not put it down, as it is truly a life-changing book. Dr. Jeremiah explores nine qualities of character that will carry us forward in these difficult days. Three of these have to do with our relationship with ourselves, three deal with interactions with other people, and three of them focus on our relationship with God.  Spiritual principles are true in any situation. However, we must make a conscious decision to employ them in our daily lives. Dr. Jeremiah reminds us that God has given us wisdom for these days. In his compelling book, A Life Beyond Amazing, Jeremiah answers the questions that many of us have, and provides us with important answers that will transform your heart, your life, and your world.

You can purchase this book at: www.indigo.ca or www.amazon.com